is a sound creation studio as well as a small label.



Album (digital only)  Des B.O / garlo


World premiere : visit a wine castle w music & english songs Songs of Arsac
World premiere : visit a wine castle w music & french songs Si Arsac m’était chanté
Music web serie  Autour de nous, des agriculteurs en métropole bordelaise.
garlo présents a french podcast  “Complètement Son”

Voices educational games
Mix repoussé causecovid

Go to Tuva / Sainkho & Garlo distribué en Chine.
Audio book “Anatomie de l’amant de ma femme” de R Rupert.
Audio book “Un Crime” de Georges Bernanos.
Audio book “Aux Abois” de Tristan Bernard.
Audio book “Moi Riche …”.
Audio book “Pour en finir avec la Procrastination …”.
Audio book “Les Quatre Justiciers” d’Edgard Wallace.
Enr & mix Alcatraz by Pascal Monjanel.
Bravo to german tv WDR for rediffusion of Marlou Films serie Miam Yum.
Cd    風の方程式 L’équation du vent
french song “Au p’tit bonheur /C Fred” .

Production of the cd  of the music of the show ” The wind equation”  cd here
Shows “Wind Equation” in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu w
Harada Nobuo – Butö, Toshiya Kuroiwa – Video, Garlo – Music.
Bravo to german WDR tv who buy Marlou Films serie Miam Yum.
Recording of F Glon for Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou music.

Production bass & drums & photos “Post 2” / Garlo.
Production cd “Flamenco” / Philippe Vranckx.
Executive prod show Generative Butô Dance “Live in Bordeaux” / Harada Nobuo & Production dvd.
Production rap “Highlights” / Tom Lil’Môt.

Music & mix animated short movie « Inspecteur Magret » / Marlou films.
Production  « Solo Tango / Anibal Bresco » dispo ici.
ProductionPost“. Available here
“Quartz” / Patrick Glotin at Capc Museum + F3 tv.
Voices “Abyss Explorer” / Vulcania.
Voice “La Nuit du Grand Loup” Ste Croix Park.
Production “Earth Link / Live”  ici.
Music (w Jean Michel Bernard) 52′ “Quartz” / Patrick Glotin.
Music doc “Arborescence” / Philippe Bras.
Production “Surf’s Up / Various Artistscd here or on itunes
Production “Trois morts /  Joël Couttausse“. on itunes … french only
Music 26′ “Le dernier passage” / Pascal Magontier.
Voices dynamic& 3d movie Cité de la voile Eric Tabarly.
French version de la visite de la Grotte Chauvet.

Sound Design of  Operation Raptors / augmented reality show at Zoo de Pessac.
Vent de Guitares 2014  cd  here & on itunes
Stardust Requiem / Hans Van Even ,  help on the production cd here & at Hans Van Even website
Ventdeguitares.com / geo acoustic installations  watch & listen

Go to Tuva / Sainkho & Garlo    cd here   and on itunes
La Fiancée Du Pirate , cd / help on the production cd here
TEDx Bordeaux w english subtitles
People 2013on itunes
Ventdeguitares.com , geo acoustic installations watch & listen
All they want op2 / Earth Link , Idle No More version , digital on itunes
Tout ce qu’ils veulent op2 / Earth Link , Idle No More version ,  digital on itunes

Uso Mensonge  / Earth Link , digital on itunes
Go to Tuva 26′ , movie at  Womex  Thessaloniki ,
99 Haïkus , Lausanne , musical lecture w Christian Loustau
1982 / Alan Victor & the Victims  cd on itunes
99 Haïkus , Botanical garden musical lecture w  JPierre Nercam & Yumiko Machino
Voices for Imayana / augmented reality show.
Solo , Kumamoto , Japan
99 haïkus , Kumamoto , musical lecture w Minoru Takasugi
Go to Tuva road movie 26 ‘ première Bègles
Go to Tuva , radio France culture w Sainkho Namtchylak
Ider Inek Internet / remix dj G , clip

99 haïkus , cd cd at home or on itunes here
Sainkho & Garlo concerts in Italia &  Poland
Go to Tuva , road book.
Blue Corn live in Sayan Ring , clip
Ider Inek Internet , Sainkho & Garlo digital single & clip here
Sainkho & Garlo concerts in Russia, Siberia & Tuva
SOS Japan , clip w Sainkho during mix.
Sainkho & Garlo cd production  Go to Tuva

Wharf  / Bernard Manciet & Garlo , cd label Daqui on fnac.com
Diy rec studio , clip resume of 14 months of work (watch on top of that page).
Querencia , show w Christian Loustau
Opening of the new studio BP12.

Beginning od diy rec studio
Earth Link Live , dvd  here

17′ of music for Ecoute le temps (Fissures) , movie / Alanté Kavaïté.
Cérémonie d’hiver / cd w Kenneth White (french editors don’t want to release it.
Né /opening show of festival des lycéens d’Aquitaine. w Earth Link , Benat Achiary , Raphaêlle Delaunay.
What they want / song part of 350 protest songs on Neil Young web site.

Zuni Dub , remix for cd La Planète Bleue n°4.

Earth Link live / shows w multi-diffusion sound system

Earth Link cd + carnet de route / cd & exhibition. cd at home or on itunes here
(Earth music recorded in Arizona, New Mexico , Zuni Pueblo & Navajo Land w Sioux, Navajo & Zuni musicians.)
Vitrail / Bordeaux , Sound creation w  Laurent Joannel
By not forgetting … / Albuquerque , creation.

Open doors open ears / Strings & Wind , Bordeaux , creation

Coup de sang , cd.  Rock techno ethno folk humanist ? (Earth Music …  personal adaptation perso of Big Beat.) cd at home or on itunes here

KAZE , cd. (Frenh & japanese Earth music). cd at home or on itunes here
Strings & Wind . geo-acoustic creation in front of  Monument Valley.
WWW . Taiwan . Creation w Patrick Marty . Winner of international artis contest for Panchiao station. ,In  2001 transport ministery decided no to build it.

KAZE , Fukuoka Japon. Geo-acoustic creation + exhibition +  concerts.

Querencia , Bordeaux. Shows w Christian Loustau.
Because Mots Notes . cd & book + concert.  (texts read by their authors, I added music after). cd at home

Nada ! Genève . Creation w P Marty . Non réalisée.

Yak Yak . cd .
Vent de Guitares .  cd + Exhibition. cd at home or on itunes here

Vent de Guitares . geo acoustic creation +  , work of  land-art  + premiere mondiale. cd at home or on itunes here

Tribal Scandal . cd. cd at home or on itunes here

Production of a song from Kick for the movie “La Règle du Je” /  F Etchegaray.

Music short movie “Scène de Chasse” / Benoit Arène. + vinyl. . see
Production music doc La Sept “Transmusicales de Rennes 1989”.
Concert rock + video Joël & Garlo.

Production music doc  La Sept “Transmusicales de Rennes 1988”.

Music short movie “Car Crash” /  Benoit Arène. movie here

La Tête dans un haut-parleur / Joël & Garlo. 45t

Tu ne pourras pas tout faire / Joël & Garlo…
Music short movie “Visage” / Benoit Arène. here
Bass player for 1 gig of Noirs Désirs.
Recording  “Alan Victor & the Victims“. (due to a fire in my rehearsing room, cd was released 30 years after we found an old tape copy) ! cd here

many gigs & a recording w Folle Avoine