is a sound creation studio as well as a small label.


Production of the cd  of the music of the show ” The wind equation”  cd here
Shows “Wind Equation” in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu w
Harada Nobuo – Butö, Toshiya Kuroiwa – Video, Garlo – Music.
Bravo to german WDR tv who buy Marlou Films serie Miam Yum.
Recording of F Glon for Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou music.

Production bass & drums & photos “Post 2” / Garlo.
Production cd “Flamenco” / Philippe Vranckx.
Executive prod show Generative Butô Dance “Live in Bordeaux” / Harada Nobuo & Production dvd.
Production rap “Highlights” / Tom Lil’Môt.

Music & mix animated short movie « Inspecteur Magret » / Marlou films.
Production  « Solo Tango / Anibal Bresco » dispo ici.
ProductionPost“. Available here
“Quartz” / Patrick Glotin at Capc Museum + F3 tv.
Voices “Abyss Explorer” / Vulcania.
Voice “La Nuit du Grand Loup” Ste Croix Park.
Production “Earth Link / Live”  ici.
Music (w Jean Michel Bernard) 52′ “Quartz” / Patrick Glotin.
Music doc “Arborescence” / Philippe Bras.
Production “Surf’s Up / Various Artistscd here or on itunes
Production “Trois morts /  Joël Couttausse“. on itunes … french only
Music 26′ “Le dernier passage” / Pascal Magontier.
Voices dynamic& 3d movie Cité de la voile Eric Tabarly.
French version de la visite de la Grotte Chauvet.

Sound Design of  Operation Raptors / augmented reality show at Zoo de Pessac.
Vent de Guitares 2014  cd  here & on itunes
Stardust Requiem / Hans Van Even ,  help on the production cd here & at Hans Van Even website
Ventdeguitares.com / geo acoustic installations  watch & listen

Go to Tuva / Sainkho & Garlo    cd here   and on itunes
La Fiancée Du Pirate , cd / help on the production cd here
TEDx Bordeaux w english subtitles
People 2013on itunes
Ventdeguitares.com , geo acoustic installations watch & listen
All they want op2 / Earth Link , Idle No More version , digital on itunes
Tout ce qu’ils veulent op2 / Earth Link , Idle No More version ,  digital on itunes

Uso Mensonge  / Earth Link , digital on itunes
Go to Tuva 26′ , movie at  Womex  Thessaloniki ,
99 Haïkus , Lausanne , musical lecture w Christian Loustau
1982 / Alan Victor & the Victims  cd on itunes
99 Haïkus , Botanical garden musical lecture w  JPierre Nercam & Yumiko Machino
Voices for Imayana / augmented reality show.
Solo , Kumamoto , Japan
99 haïkus , Kumamoto , musical lecture w Minoru Takasugi
Go to Tuva road movie 26 ‘ première Bègles
Go to Tuva , radio France culture w Sainkho Namtchylak
Ider Inek Internet / remix dj G , clip

99 haïkus , cd cd at home or on itunes here
Sainkho & Garlo concerts in Italia &  Poland
Go to Tuva , road book.
Blue Corn live in Sayan Ring , clip
Ider Inek Internet , Sainkho & Garlo digital single & clip here
Sainkho & Garlo concerts in Russia, Siberia & Tuva
SOS Japan , clip w Sainkho during mix.
Sainkho & Garlo cd production  Go to Tuva

Wharf  / Bernard Manciet & Garlo , cd label Daqui on fnac.com
Diy rec studio , clip resume of 14 months of work (watch on top of that page).
Querencia , show w Christian Loustau
Opening of the new studio BP12.

Beginning od diy rec studio
Earth Link Live , dvd  here

17′ of music for Ecoute le temps (Fissures) , movie / Alanté Kavaïté.
Cérémonie d’hiver / cd w Kenneth White (french editors don’t want to release it.
Né /opening show of festival des lycéens d’Aquitaine. w Earth Link , Benat Achiary , Raphaêlle Delaunay.
What they want / song part of 350 protest songs on Neil Young web site.

Zuni Dub , remix for cd La Planète Bleue n°4.

Earth Link live / shows w multi-diffusion sound system

Earth Link cd + carnet de route / cd & exhibition. cd at home or on itunes here
(Earth music recorded in Arizona, New Mexico , Zuni Pueblo & Navajo Land w Sioux, Navajo & Zuni musicians.)
Vitrail / Bordeaux , Sound creation w  Laurent Joannel
By not forgetting … / Albuquerque , creation.

Open doors open ears / Strings & Wind , Bordeaux , creation

Coup de sang , cd.  Rock techno ethno folk humanist ? (Earth Music …  personal adaptation perso of Big Beat.) cd at home or on itunes here

KAZE , cd. (Frenh & japanese Earth music). cd at home or on itunes here
Strings & Wind . geo-acoustic creation in front of  Monument Valley.
WWW . Taiwan . Creation w Patrick Marty . Winner of international artis contest for Panchiao station. ,In  2001 transport ministery decided no to build it.

KAZE , Fukuoka Japon. Geo-acoustic creation + exhibition +  concerts.

Querencia , Bordeaux. Shows w Christian Loustau.
Because Mots Notes . cd & book + concert.  (texts read by their authors, I added music after). cd at home

Nada ! Genève . Creation w P Marty . Non réalisée.

Yak Yak . cd .
Vent de Guitares .  cd + Exhibition. cd at home or on itunes here

Vent de Guitares . geo acoustic creation +  , work of  land-art  + premiere mondiale. cd at home or on itunes here

Tribal Scandal . cd. cd at home or on itunes here

Production of a song from Kick for the movie “La Règle du Je” /  F Etchegaray.

Music short movie “Scène de Chasse” / Benoit Arène. + vinyl. . see
Production music doc La Sept “Transmusicales de Rennes 1989”.
Concert rock + video Joël & Garlo.

Production music doc  La Sept “Transmusicales de Rennes 1988”.

Music short movie “Car Crash” /  Benoit Arène. movie here

La Tête dans un haut-parleur / Joël & Garlo. 45t

Tu ne pourras pas tout faire / Joël & Garlo…
Music short movie “Visage” / Benoit Arène. here
Bass player for 1 gig of Noirs Désirs.
Recording  “Alan Victor & the Victims“. (due to a fire in my rehearsing room, cd was released 30 years after we found an old tape copy) ! cd here

many gigs & a recording w Folle Avoine