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Earth Link cd

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cd + livret 80 pages

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This is Earth Music with native american. A cross over between Native American Music and contemporary European rock.

I began the recording sessions in Santa Fe, Navajo Land and Zuni Pueblo with Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike ( Navajo and Sioux singers of peyote and healing songs) and Fernando Cellicion ( Zuni flute player). This is not World Music ! I prefer the idea of Earth Music ! The earth is small, I’ve met musicians on it. We share a lot of values and some good moments. We play music together because we’re on the same wave lenght.
We’ve no wish for a particular style. The result of course is a music outside the standard classifications. The result is also the song “People” recorded with 200 earthlings who came to sing about the multitude of people. We are all different and we don’t make the same music, but we make it with the same spirit. This is Earth Music !

A mix of healing songs, native flute, modern rythms, guitars played by the wind in the desert and modern songs about humanism and Earth links.