Post / limited edition

Bass & Drums

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Post are pictures of posts & wires, with Bass & Drums music I composed for.
Post is a limited edition of 78 numbered & signed carboard cartons 12 X 12 1X 1,6 (analog tape box)
w a dvd 53’ + a cd 52’ + an audio tape 57’ + 5 product sheets & 3 pictures.

You can just buy the dvd or cd or audio tape if you want.

Post is also an exhibition w Bass & Drums original music.

« I am fascinated by electrical posts, electrical cables and aerial wires. I take pictures of them since more than 10 years. Not all of us and not everywhere. Only Posts & Wires which seem to speak to me, when their chaotic energy is intense. On the pictures, I composed Bass & Drums music ; Energy & Rythm». garlo
Photos  were shot from 1998 to  2010 in Japan,  Quebec, Taiwan, Saskatchewan and Arizona.

1st Exhibition & premiere was 27th May 2016 in Biarritz / Basque Country.