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1st video BepPost

Post 2 is now availbale on all the digital platforms :


« I am fascinated by electrical posts, electrical cables and aerial wires. I’m not a photographer.
By choosing a bottom view perpective, I found an interessant & ignored area.
These posts & cables represent the energy of a country. I live in France where everybody wants to bury the wires. I love the countries where energy is visible & not hidden. Posts & wires are part of the landscape.
On the pictures, I composed Bass & Drums music : Energy & Rythm.
Pictures from Post 2 were shot between 2011 & 2015 in Saskatchewan, Siberia, Japan, Okinawa & Tuva». garlo

Post 2 is following Post released in 2016.
Post 2 is part of Post, a limited serie collector carboard cartons (45€) : 12 X 12 1X 1,6 (old analog tape box) w a dvd Post 2 52’ + a dvd Post 53’ + a cd Post 52’ +an audio tape Post 57’ + 5 product sheets & 3 pictures.

Post 2 is also a 52’ dvd (in a simple paper sleeve 10€).
Post 2 is also an exhibition of few pictures + dvd screening w Bass & Drums music.